Youth Get United is a youth non-governmental organization that was established and formally registered with the NGO board secreatariat under the Non Government Organisation Registrtion Act CAP113 in 2002 licensed to operate countrywide.
Youth Get United promotes  awareness and impart skills to community members to maintain adequate sanitation and improve hygiene behaviors rehabilitate commercial sex workers , drug addicted youths and teenage mothers , provide scholarship to ex-street children, orphans and rehabilitated drug addicted youths, provides counselling and guidance, environment preservation and advocating for youth rights.
Youth get united works to create partnerships with local communities, local governments, and the informal sector so that all stakeholders can work towards shared goals find solutions to their social problems and development.


To lead the youth in a healthy, social and economic life


To combat unemployment, health, and social issues among the youth through self-help and health projects


To carry out activities in the fields of promoting unity among youth, sanitation sensitization, improving food security, sensitization on environmental conservation, rehabilitate sex workers, care for orphans and vulnerable children as well as advocating for the rights of the minority and marginalised groups..

  1. To encourage the youth to be united and work together as brothers and sisters of one family.
  2. To protect and preserve the environment through conservation practices.
  3. To build a morally upright and employed youth for the next generation
  4. To emphasize and address literacy gaps among the youth
  5. To make the youth realize their potential by participating in the economic activities
  6. To model the youth to become leaders in different abilities
  7. To compile data for needy youth for planning purposes. Also to group the affected and infected malaria, tuberculosis,HIV/AIDS, members for easy treatment and counselling.
  8. To network with other organisations of similar objectives.
  9. To enhance creativity among the youth through self-entrepreneurship as an avenue for job creation hence boosting their economical competitive skills for better and high return marketing
  10. To improve on food security and nutrition of poor vulnerable families.
  11. To support and care for orphans,abandoned,street and working children,blind,deaf and other vulnerable groups by providing them with beddings,clothes,medication,education,feeding and temporary shelter then return them to their respective guardians or parents homes after equipping them with skills leading to their self reliance.

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