Improving solid waste management

The inhabitants of Bwaise slums have poor waste management practices that leads to poor sanitation and hygiene among slum dwellers. The improper disposal of solid waste usually blocks drainage systems leading to flooding in the area. Youth Get United started a project to fight against poor hygiene and sanitation with the specific objective of collecting garbage door to door in villages to ensure proper disposal of waste. with this initiated project, the slum dwellers were sensitized about good waste management practices and provided with the photocopy of solid waste management ordinance 2000 a by-law made by Kampala City Council.

Greening of parishes in the slums

The environment department initiated a project of greening parishes in the slums through playing selected species, bushes and grass in the school compounds, churches and alongside drains to prevent erosion. The project aimed at environmental preservation and this was done through creation of awareness about the environment issues in the community members, local council executives and other stakeholders. Community members were mobilized and sensitized to engage in Greening urban agriculture through meeting peer to peer learning exchanges, etc.

Awarding bursaries to needy Children

Youth Get United marked its 7th year of educating orphans, street children and the needy children from vulnerable families. On 23rd, Mr Makonzi Michael addressed the participants at the parents meeting held at little stars primary school in Bwaise II parish and emphasized the need to educate the young children as they are the future of the nation. The organization in partnership with different schools in various areas of the country, awards scholarship to orphans, street children, talented children and needy children to enable them know how to read, write and acquire knowledge and skills for self-sustainability in future

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HIV/AIDS prevention

The health department carried out an HIV/ AIDs prevention program which provided sensitization to the community about HIV/ AIDs prevention. It also sensitized the youth in and out of school the dangers of HIV/ AIDs, other STDs, early marriages / pregnancies and consequences of idleness. The youth were encouraged to form clubs as avenues for information dissemination and mutual support.

Children's Rights

Extreme poverty conditions in country has led people to develop immoral behaviors such as child sacrifice, child trafficking and child labor in the belief that they can acquire wealth. There is NO WEALTH FROM CHILD SACRIFICE AND CHILD TRAFFICKING, this was the theme Youth Get United developed in an effort to promote children's rights within the community. Cases of child abuse are referred to appropriate institutions for further management.

Disability issues

Many people have a negative perception on people with disabilities and these attitudes are indeed deeply entrenched in the minds of the people through the process of socialization. The attitudes lead to the development of a hostile and inaccessible physical and social environments that excludes a person with disability much to her or his vulnerability, and she or he has a negative self-image of herself or himself.

Capacity Building Programs

This month saw the launch of the campaign to sensitize the community about HIV/ AIDs,Environmental issues, sanitation and hygiene , entrepreneurship skills, nutritional knowledge as well as Human Rights. The campaign emerged successful as it attracted Kampala City Council Authority and other NGO’s to take part in the initiative to address sensitive issues.

Music Dance and Drama School competition

This month saw the campaign of HIV/ AIDs, STDS and environment issues awareness among the secondary students. It was expected that these students would educate their parents and surrounding communities to prevent STDS from spreading as well as preventing the environment.

Communal cleaning (Bulungi Bwansi)

In collaboration with the Buganda Kingdom administration of Kyadondo county the duo organized a communal cleaning aimed at general cleaning drainage and slashing the bushes to prevent the wide spread of sanitation and related diseases.