What is child sponsorship program?

Child sponship program is a program to make education accessible for the poor rural children

Give the gift of hope

YOGU aims to reduce the drop out rate for children in primary school. The child and the family will receive, direct and tangible benefits that will include, school uniform , text books, stationary , shoes, pens and execrise books.
The child will also have his/her school fees paid

Why sponsor a child? Imagine this

  1. A teacher asks a student for his/her home work but the student has nothing to show. He remains silent though out the scolding. The next day he doesnot turn up at school.
    Reason He/she has no money for exercise books to do this home work

  2. A student fails his exams and drops out of school.
    Reason He/she shares text-books with other poor students but he doesn't get his turn to read them due to his timidity

  3. A student frequently misses classes and is unable to catch up and eventually drops out of school
    Reason He has to collect and sell fruits at the market to support his family

What you get when you sponsor a child.
  1. The opportunity to send letters of encouragement to your sponsored child.

  2. You will help a child to remain in school and be able to participate in child growing process.

  3. Receive a report every 3 months on the progress of your sponsored child in school.

  4. Opportnity to receive bundant blessings from the sponsored children.

How our child sponsorship works.
  • We work with the community leaders to identify needy families and collect data from primary schools on the identified children.

  • Partnering with primary schools we identify the children who are not attending school reguraly and identify why they keep missing school

  • You identify your child of interest as we put their profiles on our website and magazines.

  • Your sponsored child receives school fees, uniform, books, pens, shoes, school bags every after 6 month and food packs every 2 months.

YOGU strives to transform the lives of orphans and rural poor children in Uganda through community developmentprojects where cost benefit ratios are properly managed to ensure that donations are effectively used for the poor.

We work closely with individual schools for each child to monitor attendance and study progress reports of your sponsored child will be sent to you every after 3 months

The minimum period to be a sponsor is atleast 1 year, this is to ensure that the child sponsored gets supported consistently and gets to finish one grade a year in school.

A child will be assigned to one donor/sponsor at atime, to make sure that as many children get to benefit from our programme as possible.

Many charities are community programmes where a child benefits indirectly forexample constructing a well , road repair etc, but at YOGU child sponsorship programmes provides DIRECT benefits to your sponsored child.

For every $1 you donate , $0.80 will directly benefit the child in terms of school fees , uniform , school bag, books and other school necessities plis food pack. The balance of $0.20 will be used to by the programme and ensure its sustaninabily in the future