Youth Empowerment through Agriculture

Youth Get united empowers youth with various skills and counselling that motivates them to overcome the unemployment issue that is affecting the youths so much here in Uganda which is rating at about 83% as at the Uganda statistics research. Which is an over whelming percentage.

So we at youth get united empower youths with various skills in farming as a means of curbing down the unemployment issue since agriculture is the backbone of our economy it’s the only source through which the biggest percentage of the youths can be employed and earn a living.

We at Youth Get United encourage and give the necessary startups to the youths to engage in agriculture, we managed to secure a piece of land that some youths are using to carry out farming in Kiryokya Mityana district.

Urban farming

For the other youths around town that have access to small pieces of land we train them with the urban farming methodologies and techniques to utilize the small pieces of land they have to carry out productive farming with our model farm located at our office premises we equip them with the necessary techniques and there after give them the startups with continuos monitoring and supervision of their activities.